Passes through the Door with Shark Bone

2017/07/03 14:28
Blaine Electricsorcerer(senior)  Themostseniorqualificationinthefivepeople,andoneoftheyoungestcandidatesofvice-chairmanofElectricMagicAssociation.Helikesreadingmagicbooks,isusuallythoughtful,hasstrong
Blaine  Electric sorcerer (senior) 
The most senior qualification in the five people, and one of the youngest candidates of vice-chairman of Electric Magic Association. He likes reading magic books, is usually thoughtful, has strong alertness, and trusts others hard. After all, he particularly recognizes his ability to control the situation. Common skills: electric magic (meteor flying fast, thunder and lightning, ride the lightning, portentous signs and others), magic giving, magic summoning, and magic enchantment.
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