Can block toy Trojan tricks over the bridge

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2017/06/26 18:21
stomach;alreadyinstalledTransformersorwhatrobot,feelingcreativeandnothigh.TakealookattheNanuu,afun,andchildren'stoyswithchildren'simaginationandcreativity. Canblocktoybridge:NanuusuperTrojantricksYouc
stomach; already installed Transformers or what robot, feeling creative and not high.
Take a look at the Nanuu, a fun, and children's toys with children's imagination and creativity.
Can block toy bridge: Nanuu super Trojan tricks
You can see the Nanuu as building blocks, but large blocks, by assembling several modules and simple cloth, can become a variety of fun little "furniture", can not only cultivate the creative and appropriate physical exercise.
Can block toy bridge: Nanuu super Trojan tricks
For example, it can instantly become a fun Trojan, can also become a small "bridge", the toys and even can be used to hide and seek in the inside, the children play all day.
Can block toy bridge: Nanuu super Trojan tricks
In simple terms, the main component of the Nanuu is an arched module, with the center and side sides provided with a jack, which can be inserted into the board and become a variety of different shapes. In order to ensure safety, Nanuu has also added a retainer, which can be fixed on the fabric to enhance friction and comfort.
Can block toy bridge: Nanuu super Trojan tricks
In order to ensure the quality of Nanuu, developers choose high quality wood, certified by PEFC (European forest certification), absolutely safe and non-toxic, and has always been known for strict German woodworking factory building, parents can rest assured.
A set of Nanuu, pr
iced at 359 Swiss francs (about 2471 yuan), is a bit expensive, but considering the very good sense of space and good creativity, you can consider it.
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