Playing these toy blocks for children can train 4 abilities

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2017/06/26 18:20
Buildingblocks,manychildrenarefondoftoys,andnowblockstoysdoveryprofessional,canwelltrainchildren'spracticalabilityandlogicalthinkingability. Buildingblockstoysareabigcategoryofchildren'stoys,andnowthe
Building blocks, many children are fond of toys, and now blocks toys do very professional, can well train children's practical ability and logical thinking ability.
Building blocks toys are a big category of children's toys, and now the building blocks are well made, the classification is very clear, the children's practical ability and logical thinking ability is a good exercise. Today, Xiao Bian will introduce you to some very popular toy blocks.
1. wooden toy bricks toys: to cultivate children's logical thinking ability and attention
The wooden toy bricks is a collection of traditional wooden blocks and new toy bricks, wood products and its function is, can build buildings, but also can create animal, cars and other other.
Because wood products closer to the nature of the building, and built buildings than plastic toy bricks effect more realistic. In the process of building a building, the children need to advance thinking and planning for the building blocks, such as what is its order of different colors and blocks to collocation, very helpful to the child's ability to plan, generally suitable for large baby.
2. micro particle building blocks: train children's fine motor ability, cultivate logical thinking ability and concentration
Micro particles block is one of the most popular toys change clothes at present, in accordance with the building blocks of particle size, can be divided into large, medium, small and micro (also called diamond particles) four types, generally smaller particles of the other building blocks to build more sophisticated, but more difficult to build high.
The LEGO because of the small size is too small, is not suitable for the baby to play, to avoid eating accidents, generally suitable for children over the age of 8. For younger children, recommend the purchase of large or medium sized particles can be built blocks, cars, planes, dolls, you can also set up the fire station, police station and other scenes, are good for training and exercise the child's logical thinking ability and attention and fine motor skills.
3., electric toy blocks: exercise children's innovative ability
For most male babies, the car is an integral part of the toy, and the electric track block toy is a combination of cars and tracks. When playing, the baby will first need to block build up, and then the electric car to run on the track, if not running smoothly to check whether the link is a problem, the track can also re create.
In the process of playing, not only can improve children's practical ability, but also can train children's overall planning ability, stimulate the interest of scientific exploration, and cultivate creative thinking.
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