Export sales business

Talent recruitment
2017/05/10 17:06
Monthlysalaryofjob:Negotiable  Recruitingnumbers:2  Workexperience:1-2years  Minimumdegree:College  Responsibilities:1.Takechargeofdailyinspectionoftheproduct,andcarryoutthestateidentificationontheins
Monthly salary of job: Negotiable    Recruiting numbers: 2     Work experience: 1-2 years    Minimum degree: College    Responsibilities: 1. Take charge of daily inspection of the product, and carry out the state identification on the inspected product; 2. Perform the inspection responsibility, and fill in the corresponding inspection record form; 3. Track the treating processes of problems found during the inspection.    Requirements: 1. College degree or above.
Job description    
Job category: Foreign trade specialist/assistant
[Export sales business] 2
1. College degree or above, international trade and other majors, CET-4 and above, and fluent speaking;
2. Have the work experience in export sales business for more than 3 years.
3. Have strong organization and coordination ability and channel expanding ability. 
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