Quality control supervisor

Talent recruitment
2017/05/10 16:41
Monthlysalaryofjob:Negotiable  Recruitingnumbers:5  Workexperience:Morethan4years  Minimumdegree:Bachelor  Responsibilities:1.Participateinthenewproductdevelopmentandplanning,andtakechargeofoveralland
Monthly salary of job: Negotiable    Recruiting numbers: 5     Work experience: More than 4 years    Minimum degree: Bachelor    Responsibilities: 1. Participate in the new product development and planning, and take charge of overall and component design; 2. Take charge of structure optimization, quality improvement and cost control of the product;   Requirements: 1. Mechanical design major, bachelor degree or above.
Job description    
Job category: Manager/Supervisor (QA/QC manager)   Quality controller/inspector (QA/QC)
[Quality control supervisor] One
1. College degree or above. Be familiar with the inspection standards and requirements of various toys, and be familiar with the safety standards of toys in the different countries and regions;
2. Be able to perfect the quality system and process, and formulating the specification and standard;
3. Have the experience in department head for more than three years, and have good communication ability and team work spirit.
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