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1. Accurate Brand Positioning

A comprehensive upgrade design has been carried out. The new product line takes unique elements as the core, and through the new deduction of simple fashionable design style, it is more in line with the brand positioning of young fashion.



2. Advantages of brand system:

Perfect image system, franchise system, goods system, service system, operation system, network marketing system, etc., make the brand expand rapidly, form a unique profit model, also create market value and enhance the profitability of the majority of partners.



3. Advantages of brand promotion:

Communication and service mode is leading in the industry. Brand conferences are held from time to time, regional model market construction, high-end marketing activities, and marketing activities planning and promotion, rapidly forming a strong market core competitiveness.



4. Channel advantages:

Channels throughout the country, model market services radiate the surrounding cities, providing the best service, logistics and other dynamic support for the national franchise customers.



5. Service advantages:

Professional consultation, location selection, market positioning and investment analysis before joining; opening, goods, marketing, training and supervision during joining; management standards, operation system, product system, advertising promotion, holiday activities and other service support after joining.



6. Professional team operation:

The competition of enterprises is the competition of talents. They have professional teams of management systems such as brand, marketing, operation, etc. to operate the development of brand professionally and effectively.