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Founded in 2016, Forange Block is an independent brand of Shantou Megabao Toys Co., Ltd.  Forange dedicate to providing professional, high-quality and interesting growth-companion blocks for children. The brand recognition pattern of Forange is a square orange which means  to stimulate children's creativity by not sticking to stereotypes.

Relying on MGM's resources in the field of building blocks toys, Forange integrates a large number of building blocks R&D talents and sets up a R&D and design team which is more than 100 people. It provides an effective guarantee for the design of Forange products.

Forange Block is a kind of plastic building block with various basic modules, which can make children to assemble their favorite shapes. Forange are totally committed to provide safe, various products which can be multiple-assembled to children aged 6-14. 

In 2016, the R&D center of Forange was established in Shantou. Up to now, the center has more than 50 R&D personnel. It can develop 10-15 new products every month, which ensures richness and renewal speed of products. The R&D center of Forange includes product design, graphic design, animation design, story editing and product testing. It forms a perfect building block R&D system from product project to production order.

The product R&D and design policy of Fangcheng Orange is: more real, more flexible and more interesting! 

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